Affordable Hearing Aids:

Dedicated to Providing the Best in Hearing Healthcare.

Thousands of Ears of Experience with Thousands of Dollars in Savings! 


   Our family has been in the hearing healthcare field since 1995. Everyone in our office is literally family, allowing for strong costumer service and competitive pricing. We strive everyday to provide a comfortable setting to talk about your hearing needs.


   If you can't afford it, then you can't hear. Unfortunately, this has been the thinking in regards to Hearing Aids for so long. In a world so full of sound, we fight the manufactures for better pricing, because everyone deserves to Hear Here. 


Affordable Hearing Aids provides many

free services including:


  • Free Hearing Tests

  • Free Clean & Checks

  • Free Programing and Reprograming

  • Free Consultation 

  • Free Battery Checks

Along with the many free services, we offer the lowest prices for all other Hearing needs:


  • $175 for Factory Repairs

  • $400 Hearing Aid Re-case

  • $75 Ear molds

  • Rayovac Pro line Batteries - At whole sale price

  • $20 occupational test

  • All Your Cleaning Supplies Free or at Cost

A Better Life Starts with Better Hearing


“I had known that I needed Hearing Aids for quite some time, but after shopping around, I realized that the process was going to be difficult and expensive. That was until my grandson recommended Affordable Hearing Aids and boy was I glad he did! The staff over there are so friendly and the set of hearing aids I received were perfect and so was the price!”


                                                                    Martin P.

  "I can hear you now!!! Joe did a great job did not overcharge me like the rest of them wanted to."

                                                                      Mark R.

"I've been personal friends with Joe Cason for nearly 40 years. Some 11-12 years ago Joe helped train me to fit hearing aids, and to pass the rigorous board exams and I opened my own practice in Springfield MO, Half Price Hearing Aids, which is now a leader in this market. I am all too familiar with the invidious slanders market newcomers will face when they beat the tar out of over-extended competitors high pricing, who have grown accustomed to wielding a monopoly over a given market and count it their right to be unhindered by normal market pressures from the healthy influences of competition, (healthy for the buyer, that is), but Joe Cason has done me immeasurable good in guiding me in practice matters and has been a true friend and outstanding professional in his field, and I couldn't recommend him more highly."

                                                 Charles Church